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Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy was updated on May 28, 2018.


This Privacy Policy is meant to help you understand what information we collect, why we collect it, and how you can export and delete your information.


Why do we need to collect information?


The Shoppylist app needs to collect information only if you want to:


  • Synchronize your lists and items between all your Apple devices (iPhone and iPad)

  • Share lists with other users who own an Apple device (iPhone or iPad)

  • Backup your lists and items in a secure way


What information we collect?


To be able to sync your lists between all your devices and to share lists with other users, we only need that you are logged into your Apple iCloud account on your device (iPhone or iPad). It will allow the app to use Apple iCloud services to collect and manage your data.


The Shoppylist app cannot access your personal information relative to your Apple iCloud account and does not need it. SO WE DO NOT COLLECT ANY PERSONAL INFORMATION ABOUT YOU.


We collect the following information:


  • The lists of items

  • List templates

  • The catalog of items


How to activate/deactivate the Apple iCloud sync?


To allow the Shoppylist app to collect the above information, you have to activate the Apple iCloud Sync from the app settings (Settings > Enable iCloud Sync).


You can deactivate it at any time from the app settings or your device settings.


How to export a copy of your information?


You can export a copy of your information collected by Shoppylist from the app settings (Settings > iCloud Sync > Get a copy of data collected > Export Button)


How to delete collected information ?


You can delete your information collected by Shoppylist from the app settings (Settings > iCloud Sync > Delete data collected > Delete Button)


Please make sure to deactivate Apple iCloud Sync on all your devices before deleting everything. 


How can you contact us?


If you have any questions or concerns about Shoppylist's Privacy Policy or if you would like to make a suggestion, please contact us at

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