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Simulator Screen Shot - iPhone Xs - 2019
Simulator Screen Shot - iPhone Xs - 2019


ContactsXL is a powerful contact manager that helps you:


  • Manage your contacts and create groups

  • Backup your contacts

  • Call your favorite contacts from Lock Screen

  • Send group messages

  • Get notified of contacts' birthdays and anniversaries

  • Dial numbers using a smart T9 dialer that suggests phone numbers

  • Merge the duplicate contacts of your address book

  • Export contacts to text, vCard and CSV formats

  • Delete multiple contacts at once

  • Check incoming birthdays from Lock Screen

  • Create smart groups

Key Features:


Manage your contacts & groups:

Create, edit and delete the contacts of your address book! Create, rename, organize and delete groups and smart groups!


Backup your contacts:

Backup your contacts, share your backup files and restore contacts at any time from the app!


Call your favorites:

Quickly access your favorites and call them from the Lock screen!


Send group messages & email:

Quickly send group text message or email! You can use message templates and attach photos to your messages!




The app automatically finds and merge all the duplicates of your address book!


Export contacts:

Export contacts to text, vCard and CSV formats by choosing the fields to share!


Birthday & anniversary reminders:

You get notified of contacts' birthdays, anniversaries and all other dates!


Quickly delete contacts:

Quickly delete multiple contacts at once!


Use a smart T9 phone dialer:

Quickly dial with the built-in T9 dialer that suggests contact numbers as you tap buttons!


Sort contacts by many filters:

Sort contacts by many filters: company, job title, city, country, contacts without phone, email, etc..!


Quickly create contacts:

Create new contacts faster by duplicating contact info and choosing info to keep!


Create smart groups:

Simply define rules and smart groups will update automatically! All contact fields can be used and the actions are "is", "is not", "contains", "does not contain", "is set" and "is not set"! You can use "And" & "Or" rules!


Add appointments with contacts:

Quickly link contacts to events in the calendar & view incoming events for each contact!


Customize the app:

Choose theme, the photos size and the text to display under the contact names!

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